Rags to Liches

The Great Escape
Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Thay

After the capture, our intrepid heroes found themselves in a dank and dirty cell. And dingy. “Let me out of this depressing dugout,” they whined. The prison warden told them to keep quiet and play nice, as there was no escape. So, thinking on their feet, our beloved heroes beat him down and chased him out of the prison in an attempt to escape. Quite clever, these daring heroes must be! After a very small chase in which the entire army base chased a duo of no great order, everyone was happily reunited in the dark jail. Hooray! The owner of the wondrous heroes, Halris Nular, saw their potential for great things (great plot diversion things, am I right? Eh?), and so sent them away to clear out a couple areas for him. Herrik Thorn happily chained our exciting heroes together and led them out into the barren wilderness where (after a short break to try and play jump-rope with the chain), they were led into the dungeons of a guard tower. Waiting for our heroic heroes was a delirious Kail Jaia, who mumbled something to do with his father destroying the amulet letting ‘her’ know. What a silly!

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